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Chambord Fashion Week Print Ad

Posted in Copywriting, Graphic Design

Chambord Fashion Week Print Ad

This assignment popped up at the last minute (most unusual) and the brand manager needed a new ad designed and some copy written in support of Chambord’s sponsorship of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.

Brand strategy was focused on the crafted cocktail and Chambord’s place in the upscale bartender’s arsenal. To that end, I wrote the headline tying the cocktail craft to the fashion industry (with alliteration, yay) and firmed up this relationship with the allusion to Chambord as an indispensable accessory for the mixologist. The final touch was writing a responsibility message in brand and event appropriate language. Good times!

Soon thereafter, Chambord sponsored the US Open and the brand manager requested an emergency ad with copy for the program. He art directed the photo shoot and I handed him The Perfect Serve. In this space, I was able to refer to the birth of Chambord in the Court of Louis XIV and engage in some wordplay… “Chambord all natural black raspberry liqueur was born in the age of enlightenment. Louis XIV served it at his court. Shouldn’t you serve it at yours?”


Chambord US Open Ad